San Francisco State University Nursing Students Join Efforts to Increase Outreach Capabilities in Poor Community

Limón, Nicaragua: The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is pleased to announce the recent visit of San Francisco State University nursing students who joined our Volunteer Program Overseas to expand our outreach program in the underprivileged community of Limon.


They visited local public schools and taught the children proper hand washing, dental hygiene, and the importance of hair washing to prevent head lice.  To complement the training, the nursing students distributed toothpaste and toothbrushes to the children.

Local teenagers received education on sexual and reproductive health, birth control methods, and sexually transmitted diseases, which are vital because teen pregnancy in Latin America is on the rise.

Inside the clinic, the nursing students educated the Diabetic Club on proper care of diabetic wounds and the importance of nutrition and exercise.  They also assisted the Nicaraguan medical staff with taking vital signs, assessing patients, suturing, giving injections, and insertion of intravenous catheters. The program not only works for medical volunteers but also any career or professionals can join.

A trip to Nicaragua is not complete without experiencing the beautiful culture. The SFSU students found time to enjoy the gorgeous beaches, taste the Nicaraguan food, and experience traditional dance. Volunteer Abroad is a regarding experience that cannot be compared with any other opportunity to help people.


The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic provides health care to over 12,000 underprivileged Nicaraguans per year.  The clinic provides general and emergency medical care, dental care, ambulatory surgery, lab work, and preventative health education.  The clinic also provides volunteer opportunities for health professionals and students of all levels. Volunteering at The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is the perfect way to combine benevolence with medical education.

For more information about The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, visit our website at www.nicaclinic.org or call Juan Muñoz at 410-777-8626.


A Glance of Medical Director’s Visit to the Headquarters in the U.S.

guevaranicaBaltimore, Maryland: Dr. Francis Guevara, Medical Director of The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic in Nicaragua, recently spent 2 weeks visiting the Clinic’s headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. While there, she met vital members of the Clinic’s team, visited an outpatient surgery clinic and was able to experience the excitement of Washington D.C. When asked about her overall trip Dr. Guevarra answered, “I enjoyed being involved in a different kind of lifestyle and culture. I hope this isn’t my last visit to the U.S.”

Taking advantage of her time at the Clinic’s headquarters, Dr. Guevara met with the Executive Director, Juan Muñoz, and the Chair of the Board of Directors, Julia Guth, to discuss the success of the Clinic and plan for the future.
guevaranicaShe was pleasantly surprised with an opportunity to observe 2 surgeries at the SurgCenter in Silver Spring, MD. This experience, coordinated by the Clinic’s intern Rebecca Harter, proved to be a valuable experience for her. She was able to observe Dr. Howard Osterman, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, and Dr. D. Kevin Lurie, General and Vascular Surgeon. “They were both very friendly and explained everything they were doing so that I could get as much out of the experience as possible. I was also able to translate between a surgeon and one of his Hispanic patients.” Dr. Guevara was interested to see the differences in the modern quality and amount of surgical equipment used in the U.S. in comparison to what she is accustomed to in Nicaragua.

The Peri-Operative nurses also proved to be a highlight of her time at the SurgCenter. Lisa Cohen, Katie Parish, and Angie Etienne were welcoming and eager to answer Dr. Guevara’s questions about ambulatory surgery in the United States. Likewise, the staff of the clinic were interested to find out more about The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic’s patients and its healthcare Volunteer Program.

In addition to the work that was accomplished, Dr. Guevara also found time to relax and enjoy her vacation. She saw well-known highlights of D.C., including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House and the Smithsonian Museum. She was treated to a Hip Hop dance festival at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and experienced the beauty of the famous cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Prior to her return to Nicaragua, Dr. Guevara remarked “Washington D.C. is a beautiful city and the people I met were so friendly and they made me feel comfortable. I loved my vacation so much.”


Our 2013 Annual Report
How We Are Meeting Critical Needs For 2014 and Beyond

Apreciados Amigos de la Clinica,

We grew and accomplished so much in 2013. Even as we move into 2014, let's take time to review and celebrate both our challenges and successes of the past year. Take a look at our 2013 Annual Report for the details of our patient care, increased programming and staffing promotions, as well as letters from our Director and Board Chair Julia Cooke Guth.

We are proud of how we've become integral in saving the lives of patients in emergencies, especially using our ambulance. An infant in our community with severe burns was given a second chance because of the expert care of our staff and our ability to transfer him quickly and safely to a specialist.

In another way, children in our Padrino Program are also given a better opportunity at success. Each child in our program continues to receive monthly support that allows them to go to school and receive health care. Check out the report for more!

To download the complete 2013 report please click here.

We Believe that Everyone Deserves Access to Clean Water

At the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, we set out to develop a reliable water source, treat the water for known health concerns, and provide a distribution system for the clinic, the community, and local schools. The goal of the project is to alleviate the high concentration of calcium in the water by utilizing water softening techniques, as well as a chlorinating and UV filtration system.

We are close to meeting our budget of $16,000 dollars. Currently we have $10,000 saved for this project and we are starting to implement it. To contribute and read more please follow this link http://www.nicaclinic.org/donate/watertreatmentproject

We will be among the first non-profits to bring a dependable, cheaper source of clean water to this remote community in Nicaragua.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Best Regards,

Juan Muñoz
Executive Director

P.S. We plan to hold our 2nd Annual Health Fair and Fundraiser in Nicaragua in January 2015. This is a great trip to explore Nicaragua and meet our clinic team - and the community we love to support. Make plans now to join us.


Water Treatment and Distribution Project

Have you ever had to worry about getting sick from drinking water?  Do you think about what bacteria might be in it before you take a drink?  Are you afraid to bathe your children for fear they could catch a deadly disease?  Have you ever had to miss work because you were sick from the water you drank?

These are common concerns for the citizens of the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Access to clean water is a major problem for the majority of rural Nicaraguans.

Many impoverished families drink unclean water from rivers and wells that are polluted with disease-causing pathogens.  Drinking and bathing in contaminated water can cause severe illnesses like diarrhea, birth defects, cancer, typhoid fever, cholera and sometimes even death.  In addition to the bacteria, tainted water contains high levels of calcium, which may be connected to the increased incidence of kidney stones among this population.


Lack of clean drinking water leads to increased consumption of soda.  Wouldn’t you, too, choose a “safe” drink over one with known bacteria?  Unfortunately, soda can cause numerous health concerns: high sugar intake, dehydration, fatigue, and tooth decay are just a few.  One of the most prevalent diseases in rural Nicaragua is diabetes – a direct result of increased sugar intake.

We believe that EVERYONE deserves access to clean water

At the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, we have set out to develop a reliable water source, treat the water for known health concerns, and provide a distribution system for the clinic, the community, and local schools.  The goal of the project design is to alleviate the high concentration of calcium by utilizing water softening techniques, as well as chlorinating and using a UV filtration system that will be implemented in our plant.


Once the plant is installed, our team will be able to fill 5 gallon containers of water to sell at a discounted rate to the members of our community. People will be able to bring their plastic containers to refill. 

The residents of the surrounding community have pledged to spread the word and support the expansion of this project.

Through recent studies, we have estimated that a typical family in Limon, will use 5 gallons of water over 2-3 days translating to 75 gallons per family over the course of 1 month.  Our pilot program will benefit 300 families bringing them 22,500 gallons of clean water per month.

For the pilot program, we need a treatment system that will produce a capacity for 1,000 gallons per day. 

Our initial implementation of this pilot program will cost approximately $15,000 and construction is scheduled to begin on April 15th.

We Cannot Do It Without You!

Please consider joining us in providing critical uncontaminated water to the underserved people in Limon, Nicaragua.

We thank you very much for your consideration in helping us with this important project.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic serves as a positive agent for change by saving lives, improving health and making low cost and free medicine available for those most in need.

We are located in a remote area in southwest Nicaragua, - Limon1 - close to Costa Rica, and approximately 12,000 patients  come to the clinic each year.

Your contributions are vital to the continued success of our efforts. 

volunteerabroadnicaragua1While it may be hard to imagine the impact that your financial contribution may have to such a distant community, every dollar helps us to pay for the medical, administative, and logistic costs.  Whether it’s $5, $50, $500 or $5,000, your contribution will make a difference.

Donating only takes a minute, but will have a long-lasting effect on the people of Nicaragua.

You can also volunteer abroad with us, enjoying a nice vacation and doing some public health education in our community.

We constantly welcome volunteers who come to practice what they’ve learned in medical school, doctors and specialists who come to treat patients with special illnesses and many more people who are not medically trained, but just want to help us with our public health care mission.


Volunteering in Nicaragua is very easy. You do not necessarily need to be in the healthcare sector to join our program. We also provide opportunities for people in other fields, such as social work, law, and education.

If you a
re looking for an international volunteer experience and wish to make a positive contribution to humanity, there is no better place than our health clinic.

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