Bio-intensive Farming in Nicaragua:
Food Sovereignty for Small-Scale Growers


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The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, located in rural southwestern Nicaragua, saves lives and takes care of over 12,000 patients per year. The clinic’s long-term goals include partnering with Centro Biointensivo to develop a community agricultural outreach program that teaches organic methods for growing more food in less space while using less water.

With adequate donor funding, the clinic and Centro Biointensivo will develop and manage a training base for members of the 27 underserved communities. We will teach how to increase production of nutritional food while improving and sustaining the quality of the soil through crop rotation. 

Barbara Jordan, a volunteer physician assistant and a clinic Board Member, has seen medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension that could be helped with dietary and lifestyle changes.  She often hears from patients that vegetables aside from legumes and potatoes are expensive, and that a typical Nicaraguan diet remains too high in simple carbohydrates—such as starch and sugar—and salt.  Consequently, malnutrition, vitamin A deficiency and anemia are common.  What better way to promote health than getting outside and growing vegetables?


Together with Dr. Nina Bacaner, one of our medical advisors from the Minneapolis area, and the leaders at Centro Biointensivo, we want to make a difference in this community.

Centro Biointensivo, located at the research farm “El Plantel” of the Universidad Nacional Agraria on the Tipitapa – Masaya Highway, is the home of the Biointensive movement in Nicaragua.  They provide training for volunteers from around the world, as well as students at the university. The training center includes:

•    Certification beds where students can practice what they are learning
•    Research beds where biomass legumes are grown for composting
•    An edible forest and windbreak
•    A training site for university students

In less than one year, the center has transformed this windswept area near Masaya into a thriving training center with over 40 raised beds.


Our idea is currently in the gestational stage and we need to raise money for startup costs. These costs include shovels, spades and forks, fencing and other equipment, as well as funds to support a local agronomo (farmer) who will receive training and oversee the project at our clinic together with the team at “El Plantel.”

Please join us in this effort to bring their skills to the village of Límon and the Roberto Clemente clinic.

Our current goal is to raise $7,200 to start this project for the first year. We also believe in self-sustainability and that people from the community who put work into the garden will get their share of vegetables. You will receive monthly updates so you can watch – almost live –  the progress of our project.

2014 is the United Nations “International Year of Family Farming.”
What better way is there to start off the year?

Join us! Please select your level of support and remember to click in the CHECK OUT button to pay with regular credit card if you do not have a paypal account.

Garden Project

For more information please visit: and

Thanks for your help!

Barbara Jordan,
Medical Board Member


Water Treatment and Distribution Project

Have you ever had to worry about getting sick from drinking water?  Do you think about what bacteria might be in it before you take a drink?  Are you afraid to bathe your children for fear they could catch a deadly disease?  Have you ever had to miss work because you were sick from the water you drank?

These are common concerns for the citizens of the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Access to clean water is a major problem for the majority of rural Nicaraguans.

Many impoverished families drink unclean water from rivers and wells that are polluted with disease-causing pathogens.  Drinking and bathing in contaminated water can cause severe illnesses like diarrhea, birth defects, cancer, typhoid fever, cholera and sometimes even death.  In addition to the bacteria, tainted water contains high levels of calcium, which may be connected to the increased incidence of kidney stones among this population.


Lack of clean drinking water leads to increased consumption of soda.  Wouldn’t you, too, choose a “safe” drink over one with known bacteria?  Unfortunately, soda can cause numerous health concerns: high sugar intake, dehydration, fatigue, and tooth decay are just a few.  One of the most prevalent diseases in rural Nicaragua is diabetes – a direct result of increased sugar intake.

We believe that EVERYONE deserves access to clean water

At the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, we have set out to develop a reliable water source, treat the water for known health concerns, and provide a distribution system for the clinic, the community, and local schools.  The goal of the project design is to alleviate the high concentration of calcium by utilizing water softening techniques, as well as chlorinating and using a UV filtration system that will be implemented in our plant.


Once the plant is installed, our team will be able to fill 5 gallon containers of water to sell at a discounted rate to the members of our community. People will be able to bring their plastic containers to refill. 

The residents of the surrounding community have pledged to spread the word and support the expansion of this project.

Through recent studies, we have estimated that a typical family in Limon, will use 5 gallons of water over 2-3 days translating to 75 gallons per family over the course of 1 month.  Our pilot program will benefit 300 families bringing them 22,500 gallons of clean water per month.

For the pilot program, we need a treatment system that will produce a capacity for 1,000 gallons per day. 

Our initial implementation of this pilot program will cost approximately $15,000 and construction is scheduled to begin on April 15th.

We Cannot Do It Without You!

Please consider joining us in providing critical uncontaminated water to the underserved people in Limon, Nicaragua.

We thank you very much for your consideration in helping us with this important project.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic serves as a positive agent for change by saving lives, improving health and making low cost and free medicine available for those most in need.

We are located in a remote area in southwest Nicaragua, - Limon1 - close to Costa Rica, and approximately 12,000 patients  come to the clinic each year.

Your contributions are vital to the continued success of our efforts. 

volunteerabroadnicaragua1While it may be hard to imagine the impact that your financial contribution may have to such a distant community, every dollar helps us to pay for the medical, administative, and logistic costs.  Whether it’s $5, $50, $500 or $5,000, your contribution will make a difference.

Donating only takes a minute, but will have a long-lasting effect on the people of Nicaragua.

You can also volunteer abroad with us, enjoying a nice vacation and doing some public health education in our community.

We constantly welcome volunteers who come to practice what they’ve learned in medical school, doctors and specialists who come to treat patients with special illnesses and many more people who are not medically trained, but just want to help us with our public health care mission.


Volunteering in Nicaragua is very easy. You do not necessarily need to be in the healthcare sector to join our program. We also provide opportunities for people in other fields, such as social work, law, and education.

If you a
re looking for an international volunteer experience and wish to make a positive contribution to humanity, there is no better place than our health clinic.

PRtripnicaragua08-13 Limón, Nicaragua: Juan Munoz, the executive director of The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, took his annual trip to the clinic late last July. The purpose of the visit was to facilitate the transition of management, evaluate the clinic’s performance and provide feedback to support the local staff.

The clinic hosted a farewell gathering for the outgoing manager who led the clinic to achieve many goals during his six year tenure. Likewise, they welcomed the new administrative manager who is proving to be an asset to the clinic.

The team held their monthly meeting which was a huge success. Each area of the clinic presented their achievements and progress reports. Feedback and ideas were provided with the goal of improving the clinic’s mission for the future. The visit also included team building activities and Mr. Munoz shared techniques for healthy eating. Everybody appreciated the training and vowed to put their new knowledge into action.

Additionally, Mr. Munoz and a group of volunteers started their Nicaraguan version of the famous TV show, Kitchen Crashers. They upgraded the clinic’s kitchen by building new cabinets, a countertop and added a much needed refrigerator.




cosina nicaclinic

Mr. Munoz feels his trip was extremely rewarding because he was able to see the progress of the clinic face-to-face. He was pleased to see the new van being utilized to commute patients to the clinic. They also moved the existing pharmacy into a larger space and added an observation room. All of these developments will improve access to the pharmacy and provide more privacy for the patients.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic provides health care to over 12,000 underprivileged Nicaraguans per year.  The clinic provides general and emergency medical care, dental care, ambulatory surgery, lab work, and preventative health education.  The clinic also provides volunteer opportunities for health professionals and students of all levels. Volunteering at The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is the perfect way to combine benevolence with medical training.

For more information about this press release call Juan Muñoz at 410-777-8626.

To make a donation, visit this link

francisguevaraPR guevaranicaclinic
Limón, Nicaragua:  The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is honored to add Dr. Francis Guevara and Dr. Maria Gabriela Borge to our team.  The multiplication of patients over the past year has led to an overwhelming demand for more physicians.  Dr. Guevara and Dr. Borge have joined our team to alleviate the pressures of having more patients than medical staff. 

They both come to us with an extensive amount of education and past experiences in the public healthcare sector.  Their medical backgrounds paired with their desires to improve the health of the underserved in Nicaragua, make them wonderful additions to our clinic.

Dr. Francis Guevara studied at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua in Leon from 2004 to 2009 and received her doctorate in Surgical Medicine.  From 2010 to 2011, Dr. Guevara did her residency at the Gaspar Garcia Laviana Hospital in Rivas.  After medical school, she fulfilled the required two years of social work in Rio San Juan.  Her first year was in the community El Proyecto followed by a year in the health center in Morrito.  Dr. Guevara now enjoys her work at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic, seeing it as a fulfilling asset to the community.  In the near future, she hopes to continue her education and specialize in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Maria Gabriela Borge got her start in 2004 at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua in Managua where she graduated with a doctorate in Surgical Medicine.  In 2010, she worked for one year at the Gaspar Garcia Laviana Hospital in Rivas.  After completing her residency, she fulfilled her two years of social work at the health center in Altas Gracias located on the Island of Ometepe.  While Dr. Borge is dedicated to improving the health of the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic’s community, she also has aspirations to become a Pediatrician.

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic provides health care to over 12,000 underprivileged Nicaraguans per year.  The clinic provides general and emergency medical care, dental care, ambulatory surgery, lab work, and preventative health education.  The clinic also provides volunteer opportunities for health professionals and students of all levels. Volunteering at The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is the perfect way to combine benevolence with medical education.

For more information, click here or call Juan Muñoz at 410-777-8626.

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