“Paying Homage to Our Seniors”

An Event Presented By: The Puertas del Saber Community Library

The Puertas del Saber Community Library held its January monthly event over three days, December 30 and 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015. The event honored seniors by acknowledging their right to nourishment and health care.


The participation of many people made it possible to provide good care to these esteemed people who are often not taken into account.

The Roberto Clemente clinic gave us its support for two days, December 30 and 31, with a brigade of doctors prepared to give free medical exams to the elderly. With this, we began a friendship and opened the way for future visits to the Library by the Clinic with different brigades of doctors to care for community members. Twenty people were seen on the 30th and 40 people on the 31st.


Then on January 1st, we shared a delicious lunch with the community’s elders. We also had the presence of two Evangelical pastors, Minister Vidal Pineda and Reverend Bayardo Corea Merlo, from the Nazarene Churches in Rivas and Limon 2, respectively. They read a passage from the Bible.


For many, it was like meeting after many days or even years of not seeing each other. The elders shared past memories, very beautiful memories, of distant childhoods, and experiences of work outside the home and the country. There was a lot of joy in the air, and tired faces but with sincere and warm smiles.

It was a successful event. About 80 people attended who were very happy and satisfied to have had this great invitation.

This event created a good connection between the Roberto Clemente Clinic and the Community Library and we hope it will become stronger. For more information about the Puertas del Saber Community Library, visit our web page at

Editor Contributor: Steven Merritt

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